Assessments have a variety of applications within the workplace – from recruitment and retention, development and coaching, through to team building and appraisal. At Prime Human Resources Solutions, we truly believe in the importance of assessing your staff within the business environment.

Our implementation of the Thomas HR Assessment System, allows us to analyse the personality, behaviour, aptitude and ability of your work force, giving you an insight into the strengths, limitations, and mental agility of your staff.

Our Assessment System includes:

  • Thomas Personal Profile Analysis – Provides an accurate overview of an individual’s work and behavioural preferences.
  • Thomas Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire – Provides an accurate and objective analysis of an individual’s emotional competence.
  • Thomas 360 – A web based tool that provides objective and honest feedback from a range of people from across the organisation.
  • Thomas GIA|TST –Aptitude and ability tests that measure fluid intelligence (how quickly they can learn and retain new skills and procedures).
  • Thomas Skills – Measures performance skills and competences.
  • Thomas Jobs – Online job profiling tool
  • Assessment Centre