As well as playing a crucial role within the business environment, our Assessment Services can also be highly relevant in Educational Institutions. Understanding more about a student’s behaviours, skills, and motivations, can improve their education and help them to progress towards a career in which they will excel. Our Thomas HR Assessment System allows for the analysis of students’ behaviours, strengths, limitations, and mental agility which, in an educational environment, can prove beneficial in personal development, coaching, career planning, and appraisal.

Student Personality Profiling

Personality Profiles provide an insight into a student’s behavioural preferences, allowing you to gain an understanding of their strengths and limitations, their motivations, and their preferred communication strategies. This can prove beneficial when identifying their best routes for development.

Career Options

The data obtained during assessment can be extremely useful when looking at an individual’s potential career options. After all, understanding someone’s aptitudes, abilities, skills and motivations can enable them to identify the sort of roles they would be suited to and those they are less likely to excel in.

General Intelligence Assessment (GIA)

The General Intelligence Assessment is an online test that can accurately and reliably predict an individual’s development potential. By measuring fluid intelligence, this aptitude test indicates how quickly an individual can learn and retain new information, skills, and procedures. This data is highly useful in an educational environment.