In addition to the recruitment of new staff, our assessment services can also prove invaluable when identifying how best to manage and support your existing workforce. Understanding your team’s behavioural preferences, motivations, and emotional competence allows you to manage and communicate with them more effectively. Obtaining valuable information about key skills and strengths can also help identify potential candidates for promotion and progression.

As part of this process, every team member will be analysed against the following parameters:

  1. General communication
  2. Presentation style
  3. Decision making style
  4. Meeting deadlines and time management
  5. Goal focus
  6. Administration
  7. Planning and problem solving
  8. Ensuring quality and accuracy
  9. Handling criticism and aggression
  10. Potential leadership strengths and limitations

This approach allows us to identify the strengths of employees in a range of leadership positions, allowing you to build upon these strengths and overcome limitations, in order to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.