Competency Based Interviewing

Start Time

7:00 pm

16 November، 2020

Finish Time

9:00 pm

19 November، 2020

Course Description

The Participants will be able to define the importance of interviewing as a method of selection; brainstorm common mistakes untrained interviewers commit and define ways to overcome them and to list the main types of selection interviews and when and how to use each. More often, design a competency-based interview guide using competencies and values and use it to collect

‘code-able’ data from interviewees. Also, to conduct a probing interview designed to uncover behavioral characteristics of applicants.

Course Content

The interview as a method of selection

  • Importance of the interview as a selection method
  • Reliability and validity of interviews
  • Reliability of CVs, resumés and biodatas
  • Why interviews remain the most reliable
  • Problems with typical interviews: before, during and after
  • Overcoming problems with interviews

Types of selection interviews

  • Screening and biographical interviews
  • Biographical interviews
  • Stress interviews and why they are unethical
  • Panel interviews and the rules for conducting a panel interview

Competency-Based Interviews

  • Pre-interview steps
  • Preparing a Competency-Based Interviews guide
  • Using competencies and values for building the guide
  • Standardizing questions
  • Organizing venue and material

Structure of a Competency-Based Interviews

  • Introduction techniques
  • Opening statements
  • Conducting the interview/questions:
    • Open and closed questions
    • Hypothetical questions: when and how
    • Leading questions and how they should be used
    • STAR funneling technique
    • FACT funneling technique
    • Disallowed questions
  • Closing the interview

Post interview steps

  • Classifying and evaluating captured data
  • Linking data with competency guide
  • The legal and ethical aspects of translating data to reports
  • Producing interview reports
  • Selection decision by:
    • Using decision matrixes (in the absence of a competency framework)
    • Using gap analyses
    • Compensatory and non-compensatory methods


Certified by\  SHRM


Who Should Attend?

  • Leaders and Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • HR Recruitment
  • HR Administration
  • Recruitment Consultants
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Human Resource Managers/Directors


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