Psychometric Assessments, From Potential to Performance:

Start Time

7:00 pm

24 November، 2020

Finish Time

8:00 pm

24 November، 2020

About the webinar

Don’t recruit without the full picture. Always go beyond the CV and understand which candidate will be the best fit for your organization while keeping an eye on future leaders, improve employee engagement and keep people development at the heart of your business success.

In our coming webinar, Amir El Assaad will be talking about how Thomas Psychometric Assessments will help you to overcome today’s HR challenges.

Brief About Thomas:

We believe in unlocking the potential of every individual, team and organization by making the complex nature of human behavior, aptitude and personality easier for everyone to understand.

Our talent assessment platform helps organizations of all types around the world transform their performance through smarter people decisions, looking beyond just skills and experience to unleash the power of their people.


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