Training Needs Analysis

Start Time

7:00 pm

26 August، 2020

Finish Time

9:00 pm

28 August، 2020

Course Objectives\

Training Needs Analysis is designed to help you identify the precise areas where training is required for your organisation’s employees. This intensive and interactive three-day programme has the added benefit of ensuring that training and development initiatives are aligned with organisational goals, objectives and culture; creating training solutions that are specific to the organisation. The aim of this course is to demonstrate how you can be sure that right staff are provided with the right training at the right time.


By the end of this course each delegate will be able to:
• Describe how the training needs analysis fits into the performance management process
• Describe the different stages of a training needs analysis
• Identify the line manager’s role
• Recognise the link between the organisation and the trainee
• Describe the benefits to the trainee
• Demonstrate how to clearly identify what training their business needs
• Describe different possible solutions to a business shortfall
• Ensure value for money by providing a link between training needs and evaluation

Certified by\  SHRM

Who should attend\

Managers or training professionals who wish to ensure that their planned training solutions accurately meet the needs of the business.


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