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Agile Project Management

Course Overview 

This single-day course educates about Agile project management to improve project executions, faster deliveries, and satisfy customers.

The course also highlights the internal and external impacts of the Agile approach on the team and the stakeholders. It will enable participants to resolve communication and governance challenges faced with Agile project management.

Course Duration 

1 Day

Course Content

This Agile project management course starts with the overview and core concepts of Agile. It explains other project management methodologies and their drawbacks while differentiating it with Agile. The course teaches about the choice of methods and importance on a common agile perspective among the stakeholders.

The course proceeds to Agile planning overview, developing epics and stories, non-customer facing stories, personas & extreme personas, prioritizing & estimating stories. This course also covers creating a product backlog, product roadmap, parking lot, and lastly, conducting release planning.

Who Should Attend?

Agile project management course learnings would serve best to those who deal with project management such as project managers, business owners, delivery managers, members of the project board, and those trying to leverage Agile tools.


Mar 25 2020


8:00 am - 6:00 pm