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Information Security Management

Course Overview 

An information security management course is aimed to provide information security professionals with the knowledge to understand & manage various threats and countermeasures. This course will address various risks including legal, electronic, and physical risks. The attendees will be equipped with tools and techniques to leverage countermeasures and management techniques to mitigate different risks to strengthen the organization’s security. Vital aspects of the information security management will be concisely covered in this program, these aspects include confidentiality, integrity, vulnerability, availability, various threats & risks, and countermeasures.

Course Duration 

2 Days

Course Content


This program begins with the foundation of Information Security Management by defining information security and providing various incidents related to Information Security. Attendees will further learn about information security management with human aspects of Information Security, social engineering, threats for personal devices, risk management & treatment and identifying information assets.


Participants will be able to implement information security management as the course will cover Information Security governance, Information Security Management System, policies, standards, processes, and evaluation. An IT professional will understand about common & modern Cryptography & various cryptography algorithms such as DES, Triple-DES, and AES. Various additional subjects are also included in this course: response to the security incident, data integrity, secure communication requirements, Hash function, Digital signature, Public key certificate & infrastructure, and certificate authority.Who Should Attend?

Information security professionals, technical IT administrators, organization IT development team and Information security management aspirants may attend this course for a successful career.


Mar 25 2020


8:00 am - 6:00 pm