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Tendering Process

Course Overview 

Tendering process learnings will teach the attandees all about tendering process starting from defining the requerement, inviting  bidders for their proposals, evaluating them, and finally awarding the contract to the most suitable candidate.

By attending this course, participants will get extensive knowledge about the concepts and skills to work on tendering activities. This program will guide the participants through every step of any tendering process and technique.

Course Duration 

1 Day

Course Content

Starting from the definition of tendering, the course proceeds to teach about tender purposes, alternatives and objectives. Participants will learn about the end-to-end process of tendering starting from preparations, requirement analysis, defining scope of work, tender documentations, inviting & evaluating bidders, bid examination process and scoring parameters and compliance matrix.

Who Should Attend?

Tendering process learning can be advantageous to contract professionals, contract analysts, procurement professionals, purchasing professionals buyers and contract engineers.


Mar 25 2020


8:00 am - 6:00 pm